A brief follow-up to yesterday’s depression post, aka Thank You!

I’m very moved by the responses I’ve received, so thank you. I don’t want to misappropriate a term that’s important to a lot of people, but since I struggle to find an alternative, it’s like coming out of the closet in some ways. This is who I am. Many people didn’t know this about me. I’m not better or worse than anyone else because of it and while it’s an important part of who I am, it doesn’t wholly define me either. I have mental health issues. Like someone who has diabetes I can manage my depression with both medication and lifestyle adjustments. It’s a relief to just have it out on the table, so I don’t feel like I need to dance around certain topics like living at home, not having a drink, etc.

Letting people know hopefully will pull back the curtain on some misconceptions about depression, anxiety and alcoholism. Thank you all for your support and friendship.

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Managing my #depression and #anxiety. Sober for one year and counting. #Mentalhealth advocate. Black cat wrangler. Son. Brother. Uncle. Mad man with a blog.

6 thoughts on “A brief follow-up to yesterday’s depression post, aka Thank You!

  1. Paul,
    Thank you for sharing your struggle. I know very well that it’s not easy and that it is difficult to adjust to the idea that you need to take a pill every day to feel the “normal” that you used to feel. I am amazed and impressed with your courage to share this and know that your words resonate with a lot of people and will help many others.


    1. Thank you- I’ve been reading your posts for a little while now- we have a mutual friend in Andrew Vincent (actually he’s my cousin) and he directed me to your blog. Good luck to you as well and thank you for sharing!


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