Stress is synonymous with suicide

A great post about stress and how it can consume you if you don’t break the cycle:

Honestatis Veritas

I watched a documentary in Netflix about a year ago called something like Stress: The Silent Killer. I didn’t think it was very good. But I think stress does kill you.

I was under the vague impression that stress is synonymous with success for years. It’s difficult for me to try and dissect the logic, because it makes no sense, but I’ll try.

Being stressed meant I was important
Because it meant I was trusted with such a high volume of work
That obviously nobody else could do.
Being stressed meant that I cared
Because if I didn’t care I wouldn’t get stressed about it.
Being stressed made me valuable
Being stressed, to me, was the same thing as taking action.
Being stressed was the solution to a problem
Like stress is somehow the opposite of apathy.
Being stressed meant I felt “good shame” about my failures
So people…

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