“7 Things I Learned From 1 Year Without Alcohol” from The Mind Unleashed

Read the post here: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/06/7-things-learned-1-year-without-alcohol.html

As someone with 5 months of sobriety I can appreciate a lot of this- particularly about life becoming more manageable. My cycles of drinking, being hungover, being depressed and then drinking some more stifled my motivation to get things in my life organized, and the more they slipped away the worse things got until I felt like nothing was in my control. 

Now I’m more organized, I’m better at tracking my finances and that just gives me a sense of control that’s long been absent.

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Managing my #depression and #anxiety. Sober for one year and counting. #Mentalhealth advocate. Black cat wrangler. Son. Brother. Uncle. Mad man with a blog.

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