My letter to the Syracuse Post-Standard on John Katko & climate change

Below is a letter to the editor I submitted regarding congressional candidate John Katko.

To the Editor:

In an article that appeared on on July 21 (“Race for Congress: Where Republican John Katko stands on the issues”) you quoted Republican candidate for Congress John Katko saying of climate change: “I don’t know if it’s a man-made problem or not.” Perhaps if Mr. Katko doesn’t feel confident in his knowledge about a subject that is all but settled fact, he shouldn’t be trusted by voters in Central New York to make informed decisions on how we address these issues.


While there is room to debate policy responses to climate change, it is simply unbelievable that we live in a time where the denial of scientific evidence and the consensus of experts can be considered a legitimate viewpoint for a so-called serious candidate for public office. Mr. Katko also stated a view that the United States should not take unilateral action on climate change. What a preposterous view! America is a world leader in science, technology and engineering. I must therefore ask, what better nation to take a leadership role on addressing climate change than the United States? Which country does Mr. Katko propose we follow instead? Does Mr. Katko seriously expect voters in the district to reject an American leadership role in working towards a climate change response?


His opponent, Dan Maffei, may leave something to be desired when it comes to other policy areas (reasonable people can disagree), but one area where Mr. Maffei is clear is on accepting the scientific consensus on climate change and seeking policy solutions to the problems it has caused, is causing and will cause in the future. There are two candidates seeking my vote. On this issue, only Mr. Maffei has made a respectable case for it.


Paul Banuski


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