North to Alaska


Well, it looks like in just a few short weeks I’ll be heading to Alaska for a week or so of hiking, camping and spending time with my youngest brother, who works as a wilderness guide there during the summers. Also going on the trip are my other younger brother and his girlfriend (the three of us will be traveling up together from the lower 48). I’m very excited about the trip and a smidgen apprehensive.

This will be the first real test of my efforts to get into better shape. As I’ve written about before, as part of my treatment/recovery/well-being (however you want to put it) I’ve been losing weight, working out more and eating healthy. Now it’s time to put that on the line. While the trip itself will not involve any extreme mountaineering, I do want to make sure that on our hikes I’m not holding up the group, getting too winded, etc. (and here’s a caveat- last year my parents- aged 66 and 58 at the time- did it, so I’m not that worried).But for the next few weeks I’m planning on some local day hikes to break in boots and acclimate myself to walking through woods, creek beds and over hills with a pack.

My feeling about the trip is 90% excitement and 10% anxiety, and some of that anxiety is that there’s an infinitesimal chance I’ll be eaten by a bear. Overall I think this trip has the potential to reaffirm my commitment to physical health and well-being, my continued sobriety and to be a self-confidence booster. On the other hand, I could be eaten by a bear. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to this.

North to Alaska!


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