Overheard at the bus stop

busstopThere’s a bus stop directly outside my office window and without intentionally eavesdropping I can overhear quite a bit of the conversations that take place as folks wait. Occasionally I’ll tweet out particularly amusing or shocking snippets of conversations I catch, and today my friend Greg suggested I implement it as part of the blog. When I lived in Washington I used to look forward to the Overheard in DC column that DCist published. In that spirit, I present “Overheard at the bus stop.” 

So without further ado, here was the bit of conversation I tweeted earlier 

Two women in their 30’s waiting for the bus: “Please. Have you *met* my fucking cat?”

(…and yes, I know, coming so soon after my profanity post! But this is a quote!)

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Managing my #depression and #anxiety. Sober for one year and counting. #Mentalhealth advocate. Black cat wrangler. Son. Brother. Uncle. Mad man with a blog.

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