All right! Under 200 lbs!

 So I weighed myself this morning and for the first time in a long time I’m under 200 lbs. How’d that happen? The answer is simple, but putting it into practice hasn’t always been so easy.

I’m burning a lot more calories than I take in and I’m making smarter food choices. I’m not on a particular diet or following a plan like weight watchers, but I’m trying to be more conscious of what I’m eating and how much I’m eating. My portion control has been key- I rarely help myself to seconds at the dinner table and I try to avoid loading my plate in the first place. Not always easy, but it’s a good way to start. I have also tried to mix in things like a piece of fruit in the morning or a smoothie, maybe some Greek yogurt. But I’m still eating pizza. I still have burgers. But not as frequently, and again, watching the portions.

But it’s not just limiting the intake, it’s getting more active. Prepping for Alaska I was doing a lot of walking and hiking, a little kayaking. And then while I was there the activity was tense and our meals were generally very healthy (I even did a little yoga!). Since I’ve been back I’ve cut the grass (don’t underestimate things like that as activity if you have a push mower) and played 18 holes of golf, (walking and not taking a cart). While the weather is still nice I want to get out in the kayak a few more times in September and the walking/hiking has been really great for me. My youngest brother and I even toyed with the idea of taking our kayaks up to the Adirondacks later this month for a camping/float trip.

I know that as the weather turns it’s easier and easier to make excuses not to go outside, so I’ll need to find other ways to keep active (maybe join a gym). But losing the weight is pretty good motivation to lose a little more, and more importantly, keep it off. I feel great and, if you’ll allow me a moment of narcissism, I probably haven’t looked this good in six or seven years. I want to keep that up.

Depression and anxiety always give you a lot to worry about and feel bad about, and I definitely didn’t like where I was and where I was heading before. Again, I’m not where I should be for an ideal healthy weight but this was a pretty good milestone. It reduces the anxiety and depression a bit. All right!

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