Sometimes to get out of a hole you need a ladder

mf791 (1)I’ve written before about not wanting to get involved in Alcoholics Anonymous because of the apparent reliance on a higher power or God or supernatural authority as part of their recovery program. But over the past few months I’ve realized that my recovery was missing something. Imagine being in a hole without a way out and then finding a ladder. The ladder I’ve been missing has been the ability to share and seek support from other alcoholics. The support and love I get from family and friends is a huge part of my recovery and ongoing sobriety, as is the treatment I get in therapy, but there was still something missing.

In the past week I’ve found an organization called S.O.S., (Secular Organizations for Sobriety). They offer recovery support in a peer-to-peer way, similar to AA, but with a focus on the individual controlling their sobriety, as opposed to the reliance of a higher power. While SOS offers group meetings, there unfortunately aren’t any in my area. But they do have an online support group which I’ve joined and have already posted to. I’ve asked for and received feedback from other members and I look forward to being able to contribute and help others maintain their sobriety.

If, like me you’re someone who may be a skeptic, atheist, agnostic, etc. and are struggling with alcohol and are apprehensive or disillusioned with other approaches, I’d encourage you to check it out.

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