Breaking in boots

bootsI bought a pair of boots for the fall/winter, something dressy enough that I could wear with slacks and an oxford shirt to work but also casual enough to throw on with jeans on a Saturday morning. I wanted a pair that I could have for years without falling apart and without going out of style (so simplicity of design was preferable over something more elaborate). They arrived on Saturday and they fit beautifully. A wonderfully robust bouquet of leather and polish wafted up when I opened the box. The leather itself was perfect, solid around the toe and foot, softening around the ankle, though still providing support.

They are comfortable with both a heavier wool sock and a thinner dress sock. The flat, smooth bottoms will need to be roughed up a bit to avoid too much sliding, particularly before the upcoming winter months when snow and ice are a near constant feature of our sidewalks, parking lots and driveways around here. The boots have a pleasing “clock” sound on hardwood floors. They’re very sturdy without being heavy, so that I can step softly if I need to through the office or a coffee shop so as not to disturb people who may be working or reading.

Sobriety is like a pair of new boots. At first you have to expect some discomfort and pain as you move around. But the more you live without alcohol in your life, the easier it becomes. The more comfortable you get with avoiding drinks, managing the pressures to have a drink (that originate both internally and externally) and being comfortable around others who are drinking, you’ll find that sobriety feels good. That sobriety fits you well and like a good pair of boots can give you a bit of confidence when you step into the world. You just need to break it in a little.

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