A weekend off my meds


Yup. I ran out Wednesday night, told me therapist about it Thursday, she called in the prescription and I haven’t picked them up yet.

Look, I’m going to pick them up after work (so I tell myself) and start again.

Hey, at least I didn’t relapse with alcohol, right?

Look, I’m feeling guilty about it and that’s contributing to my anxiety and depression. Negative judgments abound.

But it’s just a slight detour, right? Hey, I wasn’t just curled up in a ball all weekend crying or anything. I saw friends Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon (and hey, I cut the grass Saturday morning) and had breakfast Sunday with my brother and my nephew. I wasn’t just dwelling in negativity all weekend. But yes… there has been some depression and anxiety about the medication.

But I should be looking forward, right?

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Managing my #depression and #anxiety. Sober for one year and counting. #Mentalhealth advocate. Black cat wrangler. Son. Brother. Uncle. Mad man with a blog.

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