Reading philosophy in the coffee house, aka, I’m always open to dissent and disagreement

IMG_0183-0.JPGI’m sitting here on a cold but beautiful Saturday morning watching a few snow flakes lightly dance their way down to the creek below the window of my favorite local coffee shop. I have just downloaded a bunch of books by Hume, Kant and Russell (can I take a moment to say how wonderful it is that so many great works of philosophy and literature are available for free as Kindle e-books?) when it struck me that for many philosophers places like the coffee shop or tavern were where they may have first talked about their ideas, refined their arguments and found the phrases that won people over to their side. It was brought to my attention this week that I sometimes have ideas that may be controversial or occasionally phrase things in a way that makes people uncomfortable. I don’t doubt it- most of my posts are on either mental health, a subject many don’t understand and feel uncomfortable around, and the topic of religion, which has long enjoyed a sort of off-limits attitude by many. But I hope that in the tradition of he coffee house and tavern, if you find something here disagreeable, by all means, disagree with me! Make the opposing case- I welcome it! Because one of two things will happen- either you’ll convince me I’m wrong and win me over or you’ll force me to reexamine my own position, refine my arguments and seek out new information.

So a new rule for Paul’s Letters- Dissent is welcome here.

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