A matter of freedom from the threat of violence

IMG_0254.JPGUntil yesterday I had no plans to go see the James Franco/Seth Rogen movie “The Interview.” Frankly, I think it looks pretty stupid. But when the hackers behind the Sony email leaks threatened 9/11 style attacks on theaters that are showing the movie, I decided, well, now I have to see it.

They may find the film offensive, and that is their right. But nobody ever has a right to never be offended in a land that values free speech and free expression. If they find the movie offensive, they don’t need to see it. They can go stand outside a theater and protest, pass out literature explaining their point of view. But they have no right to bully people with the threat of violence and terrorism. So I hope Central New York theaters don’t cave to these cowards. I hope they show the movie, and I’ll buy a ticket and sit through the movie to show these people they cannot intimidate me. Heck, if there’s only one theater in the whole country showing it, I’ll buy a ticket online to stand in solidarity with free expression.

When we give in to these people we accept their conditions on our first amendment rights. No sir, no ma’am, no way.

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