You Guys, Beachbody is a Pyramid Scheme

This is a good post breaking down the Beachbody pyramid scheme. Like any pyramid scheme, I think most people can dismiss it with the adage “A fool and their money will soon be separated,” but as Mandy points out, the success of programs like this rely on people targeting the vulnerable in society- in this case stay-at-home moms. But as I think about it other people who are vulnerable include many who may be in recovery or coping with a mental health issue like depression. As someone who still sometimes has a hard time managing depression, I’m constantly being told that one of the most effective treatments is exercise and activity- and while this is true it’s important to remember that the exercise and self-improvement industry has just as many charlatans as well-intending folks who genuinely do want to support you in a more active or healthy lifestyle.

If someone is pushing a program like Beachbody on you as a way to help you manage your depression, be wary. Instead, seek out someone like Mandy- take a yoga class. If you don’t like it you aren’t committed to anything. And if you do like it, all the better- you’ll be doing something good for yourself without getting entangled in something you’ll regret later.

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