Wearable Tech for Mood? Meet Spire

spireI’m a member of a peer group on Facebook for folks with depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. and someone posted a link to Spire, a piece of wearable tech not unlike a FitBit or even a pedometer, that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth (my understanding is it’s not yet available for Android). It tracks your breathing as an indicator of mood, stress and in a larger sense, mental health. In addition to the tracking it can also send you alerts and reminders for breathing exercises that can focus and calm you. As readers of this blog know I use mindfulness meditation as a way to help treat and manage my own anxiety and depression, and breathing is central to the practice. Regular readers also know that it can be a challenge for me to maintain my practice and to see the benefits of regular practice erode as meditation becomes less frequent. The Spire breathing exercises and the guided meditations included as part of the app are what’s really attracting me to the product, though I think it will be great to get notifications along the lines of “You’re starting to flip out, Paul… Take a deep breathe.” I took a look at Spire on their own product website and read some of the reviews on Amazon. Most seem to be very positive, and even some of the critical reviews were complimentary towards aspects of the device and the app. So I went ahead and ordered one.

Once I get it and set it up and try it for a few days I’ll post my own review, but in the meantime, what do you think of the idea of Spire? Has anyone used it? Let me know in the comments.

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