Bogey (The cat)

bogey in a boxBogey is my  cat (I adopted him from the local ASPCA – if you’re thinking of a pet go the adoption route). I did not have any intention of adopting a cat when I walked into the shelter. None. I was accompanying my brother-in-law, who was in the market for a cat for himself and my sister. It was maybe a month after my suicide attempt, so I figured going with him would at least get me out of the house for a few hours.

As soon as we walked into the room with the younger cats and kittens he was chirping and mewing at us from his crate, rubbing up against the sides of his crate demanding contact. All of the other cats/kittens remained sleeping or seemed a little skittish. But not this little black cat. He didn’t quite meet what my brother-in-law and sister were looking for, since he was a he and he was a little old to truly still be considered a kitten. But we asked if we could take him out of the crate and pet him. He was great, continuing to make his little cat chirps and purrs while batting at our hands. I went home that day and mentioned to my mom what a great little cat I had seen. I told her that if I was going to get a cat, I’d want one like that. Then I thought, why not get a cat? If I liked this one so much and could provide him with a good home, why wouldn’t I adopt him?

cat biteSo the next day I went back to the ASPCA, filled out the paperwork and within a day or two, I was taking the little guy home, albeit with a name change. The volunteers at the shelter called him Mason, but my problem was that Mason is the name of my brother-in-law’s dog. We couldn’t have two Masons in the family. Since he was a black cat I thought something noir-ish was in order, hence Bogey, after the great Humphrey Bogart (though my dad thinks he’s named after the one over par score in golf…).

He’s sort of the unofficial mascot of the blog. Or official. Whatever, it’s my blog. He’s been with me for several months now and has become a companion, a mobile pest control unit and an occasional source of bites and scratches.

Want to see more of Bogey? Check out my Instagram, @PaulsLetters.

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