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The author in 2010 posing at the John Knox House Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland.

About this blog…

In trying to come up with a title for this blog I settled on “Paul’s letters to…” which is obviously an allusion to the biblical apostle Paul and his dispatches to various early Christian churches sprinkled through the Roman Empire. Other than a name, there isn’t much I have in common with the apostle except that  we both had a moment that changed our lives and as a result we both have a message to spread.

Paul was of course originally known as Saul and a was in the business of persecuting the early followers of Jesus of Nazareth until he (allegedly) had a vision of Jesus. The vision led to a conversion and a life dedicated to spreading stories about Jesus and how one should go about living their life in accordance with a faith in Jesus. In March of 2014 I was sad, depressed, lonely and very often drunk. I tried to take my own life, but decided I rather liked a lot about being alive, if not a lot about my life at the time. Since then I’ve been in therapy, taking anti-depressant medication and I haven’t had a drink since. So I want to take the opportunity to spread the word about depression, anxiety and alcoholism and how I’m managing my life with those things in it.
mhwgmemberblog2016Unlike the Apostle I’m not trying to lay out one right way to live for everyone but rather recounting personal experience, sharing struggles and successes and asking for feedback from those who face similar challenges. If I find something works for me I’ll share it here, so in that sense I may advocate for certain things- be they public policy, treatment options for mental health, etc.

I look forward to reblogging other authors whose experiences and words have moved me. I’ll occasionally go into the well of personal interests that may not have anything to do with depression, anxiety or alcoholism (it’s my blog, after all). Other topics that interest me include religion (or the lack thereof), politics, and where these two intersect.

I may not update anything for a few days, I may post a few times in a day.

In any event, thank you for visiting and reading.

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