Another Overheard at the Bus Stop…


Today’s episode: The lovers quarrel…

A man and a woman… maybe mid thirties?

Lots of screaming followed by…

Her: “I didn’t even talk to Todd since he was at my house. Your aunt was there talking to him, telling him you were fucked up on pills.”

Him: Incomprehensible

Her: “I don’t even like him, why would I call him?”

Both incomprehensible…then shit gets real…

Her: “I’ve never been with anyone else. I will have a DNA test. If you don’t want the baby it won’t have your last name if you don’t want.”

Gosh do I feel bad for this baby…

(Overheard at the bus stop is a recurring series (though this is only my second entry) where I share with you conversations that are SHOUTED between people at the bus stop outside my office window).

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